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 FIFA ponder scrapping offsides? 
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Post Re: FIFA ponder scrapping offsides?
Fasha wrote:
Loque wrote:
Fasha wrote:
aku somehow like offside rules to stay.. sbb it's part of footie.. cm when u think of footie, u'll think of the offside rules too.. cm it would take away the charm of footie if it's gone..

aku pun xde masalah if diorg lum nak gne video replay technology.. FIFA is still pondering about it though.. i somehow feels like it disrupt the flow of the game.. cm nk stop and evaluate.. bla bla bla.. i know something we're in a situation where we are at loss ble, offside goals are unfairly given but that's football.. lots of drama.. cm baru interesting.. maybe org nak sgt video technology because some sense of fairness.. sbb ppl are so crazy about winning these yg peliknye.. ble it's beneficial to us, nobody is complaining pun.. lainla, kalau unfairly given the offside goals tu.. cm rase guilty and nak revoke bnde tu ke.. xde pun.. take advantage gak.. ntahla.. i didn't really care if the video technology is available ke x.. Tennis used review system to overrule some mistake made by the umpire ke, linesman ke ape.. then, based on the evaluation they'll replay the point or either one will get the point.. tp Tennis is a different type of game.. cm even if we interupt the flow of the game.. cm still sama je.. footie is different..

d drama is fine, until the ref gets d abuse. kdg2 sian gk tgk ref2 tu kene abuse sbb silap decision. maybe video replay is not the answer, tp diorg kene wat stricter rules protecting the ref

the thing is.. some fans or football spectators, or even managers.. are forgetting one fact.. REFEREES are humans.. they are bound to make mistake. their action on the pitch are influenced by their surrounding.. unless it's a robot who will be refereeing, i don't expect one referee to give a flawless form while refereeing.. ni sme pun expect diorg nak jd cm robot.. ble wat decisive decision all the time.. diorg pun ble nak wat tu.. ikut gak ape die pk dlm pale.. and we all knew, kadang2 ape yg kte pk dlm kepala xla relevan sgt dgn situation..

furthermore, these days.. some party loves to be seen as victim.. pastu goes everywhere saying owh.. the referee was wrong to do this and that.. cost us the game.. bla bla bla.. i know sometimes some refereeing decision does cost some team a game.. tp cbe pk, kalau we played well, the matter won't even arised..


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